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Large machinery co., LTD is located in the industrial and commercial development is rapid, was named "national counties," said the dinosaur city - zhucheng. Zhucheng is located in the city group of shandong peninsula, east to Qingdao, a coastal city, west meets the five mountains taishan, south by the Eurasian bridgehead port of rizhao, north according to the international kite weifang city, is a convenient and fast city, has a smooth railway, highway transportation network, is the domestic important industry research base, has a unique and convenient location advantage of technology development.

Company is engaged in the foreign agent, research and development and production of vacuum packing machine and food machinery professional factories, to shape the humanized design of aircraft, produce the most suitable for industry production of the product. Company, engaged in more than ten years in the industry, head of perspective "benchmarking" enterprises at home and abroad, actively consult and accumulate customer summarize the operation experience, in the long-term use of closer with the world's most advanced European equipment, formed a set of advanced management and production methods, and to rely on advanced concept, collected hundreds of long, has formed a professional team, into a first-class learning enterprise. Company after a year not to market research and development and investment, in line with the equipment before they go out to find problems, problems can't keep the equipment in the hands of users, dare to dare to do, from human nature, security, longevity, rationalization, easy to maintain each machine to test ten thousand times, introduced the domestic vacuum packing machine and food machinery DARUIVAC new revolution -- - European standard makers.

The main products are cooperate with Swiss enterprises to produce food and medical DR - 320, 420, 520, 550, 620 automatic continuous stretch vacuum packaging machine, more step distance, hard and soft film, ultra-high speed; PROMARKS VAC vacuum packaging machine agent in the United States, Taiwan, and self-developed oubiao DARUIVAC series: DZ - 1000 type continuous automatic vacuum packaging machine, DZ - 400, 500, 530, 600, 640, 680, 700, 760, 800, 860, 900, single and double groove automatic and fully automatic lid double tank vacuum packaging machine, continuous air vacuum sealing box machine and customized special vacuum packaging machine, series of frying equipment, processed meat, vegetables, aquatic products processing complete sets of mechanical cleaning, and customized non-standard models for the customer. Strict factory test, to ensure that each machine has good quality and technology, all this is to ensure that equipment failure-free operation designed to reduce the cost of the service.

Since its establishment, the company sales performance achieved by leaps and bounds, has been praised by many customers. We will continue to focus on product quality, whole-hearted service "customer" for the purpose, the achievement of your now, service you in the future, to reach the company bigger and stronger.


            Shandong provincial party committee leadership, the Chinese artists    

                    association, vice President of dedication to the company    

The enterprise culture

Excellence in quality

Strict factory test, ensure that each machine has good quality and process.

General and unique

From the definition to the packing design, our knowledge of the application, earnestly completes the machine to the smallest details, tailored solutions,

Meet your requirements.

The development of

Our strict quality control expert is our customers, constant innovation + product.

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Works creation


     New idea ——   only for the best production efficiency and the longest service life

     High quality - only for the best product quality and the least amount of the cost of the


     Profit ——     is the result of our innovative services and expertise

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