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First, the scope of warranty, time:
1, the equipment within a year, I will provide the Secretary for the equipment warranty;
2, the warranty period, in the event of the equipment itself causes the failure and damage, I will be free of charge to the Secretary for repair or replacement, except for some wearing parts;3, services: equipment life-long maintenance, such as quality problems, the first telephone communication can not be resolved if, within 24 hours (holiday peak of not more than 48 hours in place).
Second, the following conditions are not covered by the warranty:
1, in the user-caused damage to mobile devices;
2, due to illegal operation of the user (such as private wire or wire into the device, etc.) damage;
3, due to external causes, such as power supply problems or gas source problems caused by damage;
4, the normal wear parts of the machine;
5, the appearance of natural wear and tear.